Three Reasons Why Circuit Breakers Trip

When your circuit breaker trips,  there are chances of losing power in some areas of your home rather than the whole house. This is because all electrical circuits in your house have the protection offered from the fuse. You should know the location of this fusebox, and it should be easy to access and open. Take your time to identify each fuse if none of the fuses is labeled to help you identify which area each switch controls. When the circuit breaker trips, it means the maximum amperes have been reached and depending on the model of your electrical panel, trips may cause slight movement of the handle, and you need to take a close look to identify which switch tripped.

Below are some reasons why your circuit breaker trips:

  1. Circuit overload

When the electrical wire exceeds its normale amperage, it is said to be overloaded. You need to disconnect some appliances from the circuit and use another circuit for your intended purposes. Before you reset the breaker, you should identify the cause of the problem by unplugging all items. After resetting, turn on the and plug-in items one at a time. If the overload continues, replace it with a new circuit handling the amperage in the area.

  1. Short Circuit

When the live electrical wire comes in contact with the neutral wire, then a large amount of current flow, which is also an overload, is experienced in the circuit, which is then referred to as a short circuit. When current overflows in your circuit, it makes your circuit to break blow while producing sparks and a popping sound with possible sound. Loose connections may be a cause of short circuit or faulty electrical switches. You can trace the shortcircuit on your own or call an electrician to help. 

  1. Ground fault

This happens when a live wire makes contact with the earth wire. When this contact is made, it results in tremendous current going through the circuit breaker leading to a trip. The national electrical code requires homes to be protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters to prevent fires in case of any fault.

It would be best if you were informed that circuit breakers are safety devices that protect us when electrical malfunctions are advised not to repair any electrical codes unless you are qualified and always use caution when handling electrical-related issues.